Employee tuition waiver benefits – August 22 deadline

After extensive review and analysis by our external auditors, it has been determined that the University’s educational benefits to employees should follow different limitations and tax implications depending on the level of study. These new tax implications will begin for all employee tuition waivers used for fall 2011.

The above undergraduate and graduate classifications are based on the student’s classification, not the specific course being taken.

As a reminder, the University’s Education Tuition Waivers policy (http://www.murraystate.edu/HeaderMenu/Offices/HumanResources/current/MSUPersonnelPoliciesAndProceduresManual/EducationTuitionWaivers.aspx) states that tuition waivers must be completed at the time of registration or prior to the time of registration. This is interpreted to mean the last day to add a full or half semester course, per the academic calendar for each semester, published on the Murray State website at http://www.murraystate.edu/Academics/RegistrarsOffice/CalendarsAndScheduling/FallCalendarByDate.aspx. For this fall, the last date for adding a full semester course or a course for the first of the two half semester courses is August 22. October 13 is the last date for adding the second of the two half semester courses. Approved waivers received by the Bursar’s Office after this date, will not be applied to tuition for that specific semester and will be returned to the employee.

Also, to ease the burden of employee tax withholdings, payroll staff will distribute your taxable deduction amounts based on the schedule below.


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